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Health Policy & Legislation

Consistent with the ACNM's state policy agenda for 2013 - 2014 and the health policy goals of the California Nurse-Midwife Association, your local Chapter's efforts are directed at expanding women's access to the full scope of CNM services in California by:

Join your fellow SD&IC Chapter members who are engaging in health policy issues locally and statewide. Many of us are actively involved in helping to shape the issues that face our greater San Diego CNM community and California. There are approximately a hundred local CNMs who work in all types of settings from hospitals to birth centers to home birth-- your Chapter is working to identify local supporters and build relationships with all of our supporters and our local representatives.

Who are your local state Senate and Assembly representatives?

For more information on how to get involved or just find out what's going on, contact your local Chapter's Health Policy Liaisons, Mary Croyle Farrell and Melanie Phipps-Morgan , or the CNMA Health policy chair, Kim Dau .

Additional resources for improving the policy environment for the practice of midwifery may be found through ACNM's Advocacy page .