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Attention Midwifery Student Preceptors

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that CCA (Continuing Competency Assessment) participants can now receive credit for timeSpent precepting midwifery students. The BOD also extends a sincere thank you to all preceptors for their continuing commitment to midwifery education and to the ACNM Division of Education CCA Section, Preceptor Development and Support Section and staff for their work in developing and implementing this new option. Beginning with 02/06 CCA cycle, which ends Aug. 31, 2006 (reporting date is Oct. 1, 2006 ), participants will be able to report up to 10 contact hours (equals 1 CEU) for time spent precepting a student nurse-midwife (SNM) or student midwife (SM). For the 02/06 cycle, the 10 hours must have been accrued during the cycle dates of Sept. 1, 2001 through Aug. 31, 2006 . A section has been added to the Self Reporting Form under the heading "Acceptable Alternatives in Lieu of CEU" where the hours spent precepting can be recorded.
Download the form.
Click here for the JOGN article on precepting.
Do it MY Way! Midwifery Students' Perceptions of Negative Clinical Experiences and Negative Characteristics and Practices of Clinical Preceptors.

Preceptors Needed

Lauren Hunter, Program Director for the SDSU Nurse-Midwifery Education Program, is looking for clinical sites for SNMs. Especially needed are sites with a high volume of GYN. Our local school of nurse-midwifery will not be able to continue without the availability and committment of local CNMs to provide students with clinical experience. If your practice can offer a clinical site, please contact:

Lauren Hunter, CNM, PhDNurse-Midwifery EducationSan Diego State University5300 Campanile DriveSan Diego, CA 92182-4158
(858) 454-9033

All ACNM preceptors are required to have evidence of training as a clinical preceptor.

This can be achieved by attending certain education CEU"s at the annual meeting or any other evidence of adult education or preceptor training. If you would like, Juliana the Coordinator for Nurse-Midwifery at Shenandoah University is willing to share her online course. Once you have completed the course please send me a copy of the certificate. Thanks so much to all of you who volunteer to help create more midwives!!!!!!.
She can be contacted as follows:
Juliana van Olphen Fehr
Juliana van Olphen Fehr, CNM, PhD, FACNM
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Nurse-Midwifery, Division of Nursing
Shenandoah University
1775 N. Sector Ct.
Winchester, VA 22601

SDSU Clinical Preceptor Information Corner

A Preceptor Story

By Lauren P. Hunter

It starts at the very beginning. How can you ever thank someone for a gift that CANNOT be repaid? If my wish came true, every preceptor would receive a 100 GOLD BUILLONS (every week) for all their care and work. Instead I offer palliative pabulum all that is in my power to give: CEU's, academic appointments, certificates of appreciation and a party at my house every year with the dual purpose of meeting the "new" students. If I wished upon every good birth I could not return the gift "in kind" for the work the preceptors do. How can one ever truly repay a labor of love? Thank-you. WHAT I TELL EVERY PRECEPTOR: please call me right away if there is any problem about anything while you are precepting.

Every year I visit, talk to, examine, evaluate, cajole, beg, appreciate, laugh with and listen to preceptors and service directors.

What I Hear as I Listen to Preceptors tell their Stories

My Story to the Students, written in the OFFICIAL student handbook, discussed at every class AND tattooed to each student's forehead (not really but I wish) before they start clinical:
You are there to learn not to change the system. PLEASE REMEMBER Preceptors are a precious and endangered species. IF you have a problem please call me on my 24-hour pager, cell phone or home phone. I am available 24 hours a day for preceptor issues. DO NOT antagonize the preceptor or the system. Our preceptors do this because they believe it is their responsibility to midwifery and their profession. They care. They are human beings just like you. They have bad days, NO terrible days. They have troubles at home, and work, and worry about the world JUST like you. They are not perfect. please understand. Some are new and need guidance and help to learn, some are tired or old or both, BUT They care. They help YOU because they CARE about you, about birth, about love for midwifery, women, families, and their work.

What I Hear when I Listen to the Stories Students Tell

My suggestion to the students: